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South Carolina has created an opportunity for individuals to increase the safety of their homes against the effects of hurricanes and severe storms. Established by the state legislature under the Omnibus Insurance Reform Act of 2007, the SC Safe Home (SCSH) Loss Mitigation Grant Program operated within the South Carolina Department of Insurance provides grant dollars to individual homeowners to make their property more resistant to hurricane and wind damage. The funds provided by this Program are for the sole purpose of mitigating/retrofitting owner-occupied homes and are not to be used for remodeling or home repair.

Retrofitted or strengthened homes are less vulnerable to the onslaught and effects of severe storms, thereby rendering hurricane/storm damage less likely and less intense. Fewer damages result in lower or fewer insurance claims and will ultimately reduce insurance premiums for all South Carolinians.

Who is eligible for the program ?
All owner occupied homes that have a tax assessed dwelling value of less than $300,000 are eligible to apply for a grant.

How much is available ?
There are two types of grants, matching and non-matching. Depending upon your adjusted gross income and the number of persons who live in your home you may be eligible for a non-matching grant. If for example the cost to replace your roof is $6,000 the state will provide $5,000 and the homeowner will have to pay the difference of $1,000.

The other type of grant available is called a matching grant. This means that if the roof replacement cost is $6,000 the state will provide $3,000 and the homeowner will pay $3,000.
Remember these are grants not loans. You are not responsible for paying them back
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Welcome to our website. We are proud to be a state certified contractor for the South Carolina Safe Home Program. ( )
We can assist you in the preparation and filing of your grant application and installing a new hurricane resistant roofing system, hurricane windows or hurricane fabric to your home.
If owning a home is the American Dream, then it stands to reason that, once you own that home, you want it to be the safest home possible. Don’t gamble on the protection of your family and your dreams. Call Atlantic Roofing & Exteriors 843-650-7996 and let our years of experience go to work protecting both your family and your investment.


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